Sealer water based

Valresa´s range of water-based varnishes for wood is one of the most technological in the woodcoating market, due to the use of the latest raw materials on its development,  which provide similar features as solvent base varnished systems, even improves substantially some aspects like non yellowing resistance.

  • Transparency
  • wettability
  • easy sanding and fast drying

These are the features that we consider when we develop the water-based sealer.

Our water-based sealers are designed to replace  polyurethane sealers. Without needing making changes in the facilities,  we achieve the best results. Valresa´s water-base sealer is the best option to start the varnishing process with no VOC emissions.

water based sealer

 270018 Esfera White Sealer Standard

 700200 Esfera Primer Isolating 2K

 700401 Esfera Sealer Outdoor Pino

 700403 Esfera Sealer Outdoor Oak

 700404 Esfera Sealer Outdoor Walnut

 700405 Esfera Sealer Outdoor Teak

 700407 Esfera Sealer Outdoor Hazelnut

 700408 Esfera Sealer Outdoor Mahogany

 700410 Esfera Sealer Outdoor Dark Walnut

 270021 Esfera Sealer  Clear

270200 Esfera Nat Effect-Sealer  SMMT

700312 Esfera Sealer outdoor 312 white taninos

700314 Esfera Sealer EXT white tixo

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