water based sealer
outdoor waterbased varnish

topcoats Waterbased indoor:

When varnishing interior wood we must do it with high-tech water-based varnishes so that our decorative projects such as: varnishing wood floors, varnishing chairs, painting tables, varnishing doors, varnishing tables, varnishing headboards, etc., last as long as possible in the best possible conditions.

Among the wide range of interior wood products with a high technological value, the Natural Matt Varnish stands out. However, each project requires a suitable product and it is necessary to be advised by a professional before choosing it.

If you need advice to choose the most appropriate of our products do not hesitate to contact us

topcoats Waterbased outdoor:

Esfera, the professional solution to protect wood outdoors.

Esfera offers the most durable and resistant solution as well as an exceptional inalterability because it is formulated with highly technological resins that do not yellow and keep the colors intact for longer. In addition, it has a great resistance to weathering, excellent flexibility and elasticity and adheres perfectly to multiple materials.

Best properties:

  • waterproof effect
  • easy cleaning and application
  • high hardness
  • high technology

700201 ESFERA ACAB Outdoor Clear MT

270052 ESFERA Topcoat Clear SMT

700202 ESFERA Topcoat Outdoor Clear SB

270019 ESFERA Topcoat Clear SMT

700282 ESFERA Topcoat Outdoor TIXO MT

270519 ESFERA Topcoat Clear SMT

700283 ESFERA Topcoat Outdoor TIXO SB

270520 ESFERA Topcoat Clear SMT

700501 PROTECTOR 3:1 Light Walnut Brown

270200 ESFERA Nat Effect-sealer SMT

700502 PROTECTOR 3:1 Mahogany

700503 PROTECTOR 3:1 Dark Walnut


700505 PROTECTOR 3:1 Pigmented

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