Valresa has developed a wide range of unsaturated polyester varnishes of new technology. With this technology we´ve developed a range of sealants and topcoats of high solids and are used in different sectors as kitchens, bathroom furniture, caskets, classic furniture. 

Products which combine hardness and elasticity, enduring its properties over the time. 

  • Transparent Polyacrylic Sealer: huge covering capacity, good thixotropy and fast dry. Facilitates pore filling without appearing veiled or bleaches. Sanding time has been reduced thanks to its good extensibility which allows us with a light stroke of sanding flatten the surface, this way we don´t remove any solids.
  • White Polyacrylic Sealer: huge covering capacity, gun and curtain application. Has a good sanding and at the same time edges keep very good covered. Its high covering capacity allows DM and alive edges unpeeled during the sanding. Also, prevents topcoats reabsorption improving high pigmentation sensation of wet colours and glosses in topcoats.
solvents in valresa

610017 POLYESTER Clear Sealer

640022 POLYESTER White Sealer

Quality products

Since its beginnings, the Valresa Group has differentiated itself in terms of quality, always trying to offer the highest performance in its products

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At the Valresa Group, the customer always comes first, which is why we provide great technical support to all those who request it.

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Each case and each client requires different products and services. That is why our aim is always to offer each one the proposal that best fits their needs.

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