Its main function is to dissolve, dilute and clean, although a very important function is the use of the solvent as a vehicle by which we will transport the varnishes from the application system to the painted surface. This is the reason why it is very important to use the appropriate solvent to achieve an optimum result.

Solvents are therefore of vital importance both in the formulation of the product and in its use when applying a paint or varnish. To properly assess their function we must think that if good communications, a good transport system, gives wealth and comfort to countries, companies and ultimately to people, a good vehicle for the transmission of the resin to the surface will improve the work and the final result.

Our products:

They are mixtures of volatile solvents that serve to adjust the viscosity of the different products, at the time of application.

In Valresa we have different varieties within these types of products, to cover all the needs of our customers.

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solvent valresa coatings

 510107  Solvent Pu Basic 

 500024  Solvent Slow Retardant

 510101  Solvent PU Medium

500029  Extra Solvent Retardant 

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