Topcoat Poliurethane:

Our topcoats capacity before you go-off and its high transparency or its excellent uniformity in our matt varnishes is one of the solutions we offer our customers in the obtaining of an optimum finish to meet expectations.

We have a wide range of gloss grades, since super matt varnish, matt varnish, satin varnish and high gloss varnish.

Possibility to apply topcoat instantly over glaze without bleaches or adhesion losses, is one of the characteristics of this wide range of topcoats family.

Among our topcoats you can find:
  • Pigmented polyurethanes
  • transparent polyurethanes
  • Pigmented acrylics 
  • transparent acrylics
pigmented poliurethane topcoat

120161 PU Clear Topcoat MT

120163 PU Clear Topcoat MT

120164 PU Clear Topcoat SM

120165 PU Clear Topcoat ST

130070 AC Clear Topcoat  SMMT

130071 AC Clear Topcoat  SMT

130072 AC Clear Topcoat MT

130074 AC Clear Topcoat SM

120160 PU Clear Topcoat SMMT

130041 AC Self Sealer

171002 AC White Topcoat G

160219 PU White Topcoat MT

171004 AC White Topcoat  G

164010 PU White Topcoat  SMT

160199 PU White Topcoat ST

161327 PU White Topcoat HG

171009 AC White Topcoat G

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