Valresa polyurethane varnish range is the biggest from its catalogue. Other products exist for very different uses and also especial varnishes in which you are required high performance topcoats

Soft and easy sanding, maximum transparency and fast dry. We are very aware about our customers’ needs and we offer them solutions through our unique products, products which add value to it.

clear poliurethane
clear poliurethane base



Pigmented sealers:

we fully understand that are customers demand each time more over our products. That´s why we offer white sealers, it guarantees an excellent performance and a high hiding power.

The best way to prove white sealers quality is through the appliance over the edge of a DM, where our white sealers provide an excellent behaviour. It´s high density is synonymous of its superb cover with only one hand

110015 PU Clear Primer

110012 AC Clear Sealer

110085 AC Clear Sealer

142002 PU White Sealer 

110128 AC White Sealer 

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